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    You may drive by one every day, you may watch television shows about one, you may even hear about friends that go to them, but you may not have stepped into one. That is, of course, a good pawn shop.

    You will find that the popularity of these options has reached a whole new level, and with a lot of television shows that seem to be focused on them, as well as information coming out that these are great resources for fast cash, you may be tempted to jump into the fray.

    There are two ways that you can work with a pawn shop, but you’ll need to know what to do moving forward. If you’re not sure how, or what they pay for, let’s take into consideration the one thing that every pawn shop pays top dollar for, and how you can leverage a good financial push, with the right option.

     Getting Money From A Pawn Shop The Easy Way

    Let’s first dive into how people get money from any pawn shop solution. This goes for online options as well as those that are brick and mortar shops. You are going to find that the best way to work with these options is to look into solutions that buy, sell, trade, and give loans.

    Not all shops do this, but it’s imperative to know what you’re dealing with. Assuming you are going to go with a normal solution, one that is average in nature, and is based online or in your town, make sure that you get money from them in these two ways.


    Selling Items

    The first option is simple enough, it’s an option that everyone can do, and it’s to sell items outright. If you have a few items that you are not using, and are in new or good condition, you can sell it to them outright. You can sell just about anything that is valuable in some sense. This is an easy way to go about getting paid from a solution of this type.

    Getting a Loan

    The second option is to get a loan. You could get a loan in a number of ways, but the most common is to look into focusing on putting up something to sell and getting paid for it. You can do this through the use of collateral of various types.

    That includes giving up electronics, collectibles and more. This is not a hard thing to do, but remember, it’s a loan. That means that you have to pay it back, or you will not get your item back. People forget about this, and end up losing things that are sentimental in nature, or worse. Don’t lose out on items, you can get a loan and get paid for it, if you just pay it back.

    The One Thing Pawn Shops Want

    Now, getting to the crux of what every pawn shop wants and will pay top dollar for today. There are a lot of different things that pawn shops will give you money for, but there is one tried and true solution, and that’s precious metals. Specifically gold items that are 100% pure gold, and are not plated.

    If you have gold coins, brick, or any source of 100% gold, you will get top dollar. This precious metal is always in demand, and you can always get paid top dollar for it, because pawn shops work with jewelry, gold, and much more all the time. Whether you want a loan or you want to sell something, you will find that pure gold is always going to get you paid fast. This is something all major pawn solutions want.

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