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    Golf may seem like an innocent game being played for the purpose of leisure. That much is true as a lot of people do enjoy the sport. However, what it is more popular for is conducting business.

    Sometimes, suits and sharp ties aren’t necessary to be able to wing it. Something as casual and relaxed as golf shirts can actually do the job – and do it better.

    Golf Shirts

    There are a number of things people need to understand about the sport. Most are under the impression that it’s boring, and that it is somehow a way for business people to inconspicuously plot things and agree on it. The first point is somewhat true, while the second one isn’t always true. Below are a few brief points that can explain the efficiency of doing business while wearing golf shirts.

    1. Everyone can play golf.

    Sports vary in many ways, but the majority require a lot of movement and physical effort. Therefore, if you ask a sixty-five-year-old CEO for a game of tennis, you are basically putting him at risk of a heart attack (unless, of course, he is perfectly healthy and physically able).

    2. To support the first point.

    The reason why playing sports is ideal in business is because it’s a way to build relationships, and not just close deals. In fact, only a few deals are actually being closed in the golf course. One of the reasons why many business executives tend to invite their clients and partners over for a game is to get to know their prospects in a deeper level without losing corporate formality. It is leisurely, but at the same time, everyone is still under the notion that it’s business.

    3. In relation to the previous entry.

    players will only take a small portion of the entire four-hour game hitting the ball, leaving them with plenty of time to talk. There will be no choice for both or all players as well. If there are ways to avoid talking in the office, what else should they be doing best while in the field?

    4. It is an effective way of testing one’s character.

    Golf is a sport that requires a lot of patience and good strategies, making it a good way of measuring a person’s ability to remain calm despite being under pressure. It can also test his decision-making skills. This is particularly true for managers eyeing employees for a promotion.

    5. There are some things that shirts and ties can hide in a person.

    Think of it as some kind of costume that allows people to instantly change their persona. Golf shirts, on the other hand, relax people. They will unintentionally become more casual and open, thus exposing underlying personalities they often hold back inside the confines of a well-ironed suit.

    Shirts and TiesGenerally, business is about handling people. If you’ve noticed, the main benefit you get from playing golf with employees and partners alike is that you get to know them better. This is especially important when dealing with clients and prospects, since they need to be handled more delicately. Understanding who they are in a personal level allows leaders to make carefully measured decisions, thus conducting effective business.

    Understand also that this is a two-way communication. Golf shirts allow superiors and executives to relax their “boss” image and level with their subordinates. In other words, you open yourself to becoming friends with your people. Some view this with distaste because of the fact that they do not want to establish any kind of connection with their staff beyond the regular boss-employee relationship they have. Keep in mind, however, that trust is the foundation of a stable organization, and relating with them this way can help in establishing it.


    Understanding who they are on a personal level allows leaders to make carefully measured decisions, thus conducting effective business. And for more details visit www.rockbottomgolf.com.

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