• 20Sep

    Chat agent service is a feature in a business website that allows a customer or visitor to communicate with a chat agent or representative for their needs. Chat service allows a company to do what they must to satisfy their customers while the agent handles the customer’s needs to gain information on the business. Chat service operates very much like a call center, including the predefined but customized responses for customers who visit a business’s website. This makes it easier for customers to get the information they need without missing any details.worktime

    A chat agent is a person who manages, monitors, and processes the chats in the business website they are representing. They are not necessarily hired in the company whom they serve; rather, they are outsourced from their agency to process the chat services that their agency offers another company. Because chat agencies typically create predefined but customized responses for the customers’ recurring questions, a chat agent may only have to respond to a customer’s questions with a single click at a time. Because of this rather convenient system of communication, a chat agent can more easily manage their chat responses in order to foster good rapport with a customer.

    Software as a service

    Chat agent service is an example of software as a service, abbreviated as SaaS. Software as a service is an umbrella term describing the extensive use of computer software for business, primarily in service-oriented fields. At present, there are different types of software to help companies manage their various business processes. There are accounting software products; there are warehouse management products; there are inventory management products; there are customer relationship management products. In many cases, these are integrated with one another to enhance business development continually.non-stop-1

    In the case of chat service, chat function is closely integrated with customer relationship management software. This enhances customer satisfaction by keeping track of the business’s interactions with them. These chat conversations can track customer concerns so as to help the business improve themselves where the customer needs most. The contact details that chat services get from customers also enable chat agents to contact phone advertisers to efficiently market the business to the right people.

    Cloud computing

    Software as a service in general has a powerful presence in cloud computing. Cloud computing is a network model that allows online entities to store their data in online databases known as the cloud. In some cases like some chat services, companies may use scripts from the cloud to enable their chat functions rather than download a software that can potentially use up space on the hard drive. Cloud computing reduces the risk for losing data as the data is safe in the cloud where damaged hard drives does not affect them.


    CRM stands for customer relationship management, a business process stemming from the philosophy that good customer relationship is the key to optimal business performance. CRM software involves recording customer interactions and then using these to improve services and, by extension, customer satisfaction. Salesforce is a prominent brand with good CRM services. The best chat services involve integrating Salesforce with their client company’s CRM software.


    One thing that all commercial and service-oriented entities need to know when it comes to customer satisfaction is that they need to have credibility in order for customers to trust them. Credibility and competence can be proven with certification and accreditation. In the case of medical professionals and health care institutions, the chat services that their business website uses have to be compliant to the standards of the HIPAA.

    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 regulates the use of customer information when health professionals use chat service. The HIPAA protects the privacy of patients at the hands of their physicians.